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Viajes, montañas y fotografía.

Actualizado: 9 oct 2019

Habitat in Rotae. Vida sobre Ruedas.

A dedicated work to all those free-spirited people who travel to make reality what they have in their imagination and they want to see things how they really are and not only in thinking how they will be.To all the travelers who live on wheels, without time constraints, without political borders.

Thus, this book is aimed at all people who spend days, months or even years moving in vehicles housing and traveling the planet to learn about other cultures, infinite landscapes, caress with imagination the geographies of the territories that intersect in our journeys. But in a way they are not just tourists or travelers looking for the photo in front of a famous monument, but inhabitants - hence the title - of the world, without political borders and sometimes without time constraints.

In this work, I would like to emphasize enough to direct it especially to those who, in one way or another, have made their way of life on wheels, that is, not only to use this means of transport as a useful tool to spend their annual holidays or They only go on a trip to get to know other places sporadically, but rather to those free and wild spirits who decide to leave their daily lives at least for a while and "embark" on what could be their life's journey. So we find people who are practically traveling most of their lives and others who decide to create a space to offer comfort and rest in a car park for them, for us.

It is also my wish and I hope that this book accompanies you, that I travel with you and serve as entertainment on those long journeys that always have a moment of calm and calm for a time of reading, which I intend to be agile and entertaining, with experiences own and others, that in the end we are all the same, well, or almost.

I take this opportunity to thank the great prologue to Clemente González Suárez, traveler, researcher and writer. And of course: also my family, friends, travelers, ... all of them also reflected in the chapter of acknowledgments of the book. In short to all those people who have somehow been close during the development of this project and who have helped me.

Hey! Well here I present it to you and if you want to enjoy it.

TITLE: Habitat in Rotae. Vida sobre Ruedas.

AUTHOR: Sebastián González Suárez.


ISBN: 978-84-17604-27-1

DEP. LEGAL: MA-1402-2018



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