Las Merindades. Burgos.

Un rápido recorrido por el paisaje de la Comarca de las Merindades. 

Scotland: Kingdom of light and color ......... and clouds!

Selection of photographs taken in Scotland in June 2017.

Las Hurdes, Cáceres.

Monographic dedicated to the region of Las Hurdes. In search of the legendary land that so much talked about and talked about so much. Collecting landscapes of this land full of beauty, rough beauty in some villages.

Río Tinto

Collection of Rio Tinto photographs.

An environment in which it is possible - almost without realizing it - to spend hours and hours looking for frames, compositions, the typical minimalist details offered by any stone or any corner of the shore, reflections, ...

It is without a doubt, the perfect location to let the imagination fly and enjoy photography, whatever the time, day or night. Thousands of images of this place will circulate around there, however, I never tire of seeing them or returning to this magical and overwhelming site.

Surroundings of Caminito del Rey

With this photographic series that you are about to visit, I want to show you the alternatives of leisure and natural culture that this incomparable setting offers us, beyond the imposing walls of the Tagus de las Palomas, Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, Niches of San Cristóbal, the depth of the Guadalhorce River, ... landmarks visible from the route of the Camino del Rey.
The Way of the King is immersed in the Natural Gorge of the Gaitanes, without this being the only existing in these places, so I believe in the need to show their surroundings and make known these enclaves of high landscape value and cultural in the area of ​​Cañada de Tosaires, Castillón de la Ermita, Sierra del Almorchón, El Chorro Station, also show the charms of some corners in the Sierra de Huma and Sierra de Abdalajís.
With this series I intend to enhance the landscape and cultural values ​​of the area that includes and surrounds the Natural Park of Los Gaitanes Gorge.
The photographs that I present to you are a selection of the images captured during the elaboration of the book "Routes through the Landscape of the Sierras de Huma, Abdalajís and Llana", photographs taken with the vision of a passionate Mountaineer of photography and a passionate Photographer of the mountains

El Chorro and its surroundings.

El Chorro is a neighborhood of the town of Álora in Malaga. It is an intermediate train station on the Córdoba-Málaga route.

At present it is being better known for being there the southern entrance to the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes and also to the famous Camino del Rey, but this place and its surroundings keep some corners of great cultural, historical and landscape richness. This is surrounded by the Mesas de Villaverde (Bobastro), the Sierra de Huma, Sierra Llana and the spectacular Sierra del Valle de Abdalajís. Also worth mentioning is the mysterious and small Sierra del Almorchón in Ardales.

Serranía de Ronda, Málaga. España.

A selection of photographs of the Serranía de Ronda. A sample of the culture and landscape of this natural environment of the province of Malaga. Its mountains, towns, rivers, roads, ... are shown to offer my personal interpretation of this magnificent Andalusian territory.

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© Sebi González Fotografía. Nómadas del Paisaje.